Long Shot

The continuous shot, if directed properly and the actors stay on point, is one of the most impressive feats in filmmaking but this opening scene of Boogie Nights is still one of my favorites. There’s so many moving parts.  Amazing cinematography, you meet every major character and Paul Thomas Anderson delivers rich exposition without once coming off heavy-handed.  I’ve never seen 3 minutes go by so fast. Fucking brilliant.

New Sketch

Tommy came to me a while back with this concept and I just scripted it out for him.  Amazing acting here from Chris O’Connor, Jacquie Baker and, of course, Tommy Pope.

New Press

Time Out New York article about the Oddball Comedy Festival Show.


New dates will be posted in the SHOWS section this week as well as news about the release of new videos!


Stay tuned


New Shows!

Check the SHOWS for new dates! I’m going to be doing weeks in Philadelphia, Buffalo, Nebraska and Portland soon.

Also, thank you everyone for supporting Samesies.  It’s hard to explain how it makes me feel but it’s like this:


But in a good way.

Happy friday guys.

- John

New Sketch: Samesies

Here’s a new side project sketch called “Samesies”.  If you want to read the script for some ridiculous reason you can find it under the “Scripts” tab at the top of this page.  New Bird Text sketch coming soon as well!


Chris O’Connor, Christian Alsis, Aaron Nevins, Darryl Charles, John McKeever, Antanas Retskys, Elise Thomson-Hohl, James Hesky, Tim Butterly, Sonia Zambrana, Nicole Yates, Dave Metter.