I am John McKeever.  I am a writer, actor and director living in New York with my wife and fat dog.

I was named 3-point Hot Shot Champion out of all the other eight-graders on my traveling basketball team in 1998.

I wrote and directed the short comedy film “Samesies” which has accrued over 1.8 million views on YouTube (Youtube views are a thing now people use to say they’re good).  Samesies has been featured on the Huffington Post, Gawker, CollegeHumor, LaughSpin, TeamCoco, MSN and many other national websites. It won “Best Short” at the Long Island Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, okay?  Jesus.

I co-wrote and co-directed “Man Hears for the First Time” with Tommy Pope.  The short was featured on FunnyorDie, Break, EbaumsWorld, Barstool Sports and has accrued over 500k views combined. Again, the views thing.

I’ve downloaded over 20 apps.  All free.

I’ve had meetings with people who gave me bottled water.  I met their assistants.  They seemed nice.  “Check out this view,” I’ve said in their office (regarding the big windows that over-looked whichever city I was in).  No big deal.

I  was part of the 2014 Montreal Comedy Festival as a new New Face, performed at the 2013 Great American Comedy Festival, was lucky enough to have been named one of the top comics in the city by Philadelphia Magazine and placed 3rd overall in the 2011 Philly’s Phunniest Competition.

This fall I will be appearing on season two of Adam Devine’s House Party on Comedy Central and How to Get Away with Murder on ABC.

I am one of the writers/actors/directors of the sketch comedy group Bird Text along with Tommy Pope and Luke Cunningham.  Bird Text has been featured on VH1, Comedy Central,, The Preston & Steve Show, The Good Day show on Fox 29, NPR and a bunch of other places with less recognizable names.    All of our videos can be found HERE or you can just go to the videos section on my page.   We have written, directed and acted in multiple national television commercials.  Here is me on an ESPN commercial for 5 seconds Jealous?

Anyway, if you’re still reading , hi mom.

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